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Can you feel a soft, still voice within you that you feel drawn to?


Have you always been curious about your dreams and what they mean?


Are your favorite things experiences that feel impossible to put into words?


Do you long for an inner reunion?


Have you always felt that there was something more, something more inside of you that wants to be expressed?

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Welcome to the world of Archetypal Dreamwork, your gateway into the mysteries of the realm of dreams. My name is Amy Trafford and my devotion and study is dedicated to unraveling the unique world of your dreams, each specifically formed for you and you alone, offering insight, guidance, and understanding for the countless stories that unfold in the theater of your mind, crafted by the wisdom of your heart, while you sleep.

I believe that dreams are a powerful source of self-discovery, inspiration, and personal growth. Archetypal Dreamwork helps you understand the intimate opportunity each dream brings for you as a path to healing, helping you connect the dots between the subconscious and conscious mind. It can be a spiritual path and awakening, and can also offer insights that help uncover blocks and negative patterns that are points of struggle or suffering, presenting the tools for changing those patterns. 

Every dream takes us, step-by-step, deeper into ourselves and helps us return to our soul selves.

As many of us desire to remember our dreams, our dreams desire us. Each dream comes with an invitation for us, to awaken and bring something into our conscious awareness. Each dream holds within it a gift that is intimate and very specific to each of us individually. The dream message nourishes us with exactly what we need, and the message is delivered with beautiful intimacy that resonates for each dreamer very personally. 

If we listen, accept the shining jewel that each dream holds, and follow the wisdom of each dream, one by one, we can experience powerful awakening and healing. Dream medicine works from the inside, out, offering change on both the inner and outer level.


Archetypal Dreamwork is experiential, and simultaneously practical. A deep practice that can be brought into your life, your relationships, meditation practice, yoga practice,  grocery store outings.


Within the dream exploration itself, I offer support, led by the guidance of your dreams, to integrate the knowledge given by your dreams and encourage the transformation the dreams offer and manifestation on inner and outer levels.

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My dreams have always been a significant part of my life. Always curious about them and the world they opened inside me.


My intentional relationship with dreams began at the age of  13 while entering into a time of separation from my childhood and true self, which created a waking life wash of desperation, terror, and isolation. During this time, I was mostly unable to feel support as I moved through life, though my dream world remained a solid port in the storm that buoyed me through adolescence and beyond.


Starting at this time and for many years following, I tried several forms of therapy. Those attempts were mildly helpful, but I mostly felt I was learning to cope, not actually healing or changing. Something was missing. My dream life continued. I couldn't feel it consciously, but it was calling me. 


At the age of twenty I was disconnected and “drifting” through life. I realized this path was neither healthy nor sustainable. I knew there was more inside of me and I wanted to find the  connection.    


A good friend was learning and benefitting from Archetypal Dreamwork. They shared a recommendation and a scrap of paper with a phone number. I called.


I don't remember many details of my first session, but I do remember the particular feeling of the air in the room and the feeling of my dreams underneath every behavior and coping mechanism I had honed throughout my life. I was both terrified and relieved that I could no longer ignore my calling. 


I trained at the Center for Archetypal Dreamwork in Vermont from 2004-2014.


I would be honored to guide you through your dream world, uncovering the messages and meanings they are so eager to share. 

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One-on-One Sessions 60 minutes $200

Experience a profound journey into the heart of your dreams with my one-on-one dream exploration sessions. These 60-minute sessions are a sacred space where the intelligence of your dreams becomes the guiding force. Your dreams are a source of insight and guidance, and we delve deep into them. We return to your dream(s), exploring them slowly and providing unwavering support as we uncover the feelings that your dreams are inviting you to feel, stepping toward healing, and a deeper understanding of yourself.

In these sessions, we'll also delve into the behaviors, patterns, and emotions that might be hindering your personal growth. To access the feelings on a profound level, we may incorporate the therapeutic use of singing tones and sounds. You'll be equipped with practical practices to recognize moments when you project and react, helping you stay grounded in your body and heart.


My aim is to integrate the healing work done within the dreams into your everyday life, making it a tangible part of your journey towards self-discovery, and growth.


Embrace these sessions as opportunities to reconnect with your dreams and cultivate a profound sense of presence in your everyday life.

The Practice of Presence  45 minutes $160

For those who feel a longing to bring more authenticity and presence into their daily interactions and relationships, "The Practice of Presence" is tailored to you. In these 45-minute sessions, we focus on moments from your waking life that have been challenging, often those moments of conflict or situations that persistently replay in your mind. Together, we work to untangle the knots that separate you from your true self, your body, and your loved ones.


As human beings, we oscillate between presence and distraction. Life is a continuous process of leaving and returning to ourselves. By bringing consciousness to challenging moments, we create an opportunity for personal growth and connection. Expanding your capacity for presence can heal the rift between yourself and others, and allow you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

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Flower & Snake Drawing by Brian Bullen
Fine Art Paintings by James Russell May
Bio Portrait by Embry Ericson

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